Monday, 7 January 2013

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer, My New Wave Winter picks

Rolling along with the indies... Nostalgic Nail Lacquer New Wave Winter! These polishes were released at the end of 2012. I loved them all, but chose to buy 3. My picks were Personal Jesus, Rock Me Amadeus and Mad World. Of course I was around for all these songs their first time around, so I was totally drawn to this collection. Warning, this post is pic heavy! Enjoy.

These polishes are still available at her store. I'm considering getting more. My poor credit card :(

Personal Jesus 3 coats no undies. Medium grey base with purple, teal and white glitter in various sizes. Also some larger black hexes. Although you can see from the photos, only one of those made it out of the bottle.

Rock Me Amadeus 4 coats, no undies. I would layer this over white next time. White crelly base with teal, purple and magenta square glitter. Also some finer glitters in the same colours, along with the larger black hexes, that again were elusive. More came out in this polish, but still not a lot. FYI I love square glitter!

And then we have Mad World. OMG! Described as having 100+ glitters. I believe it. You'll just have to see the swatches. I layered this over Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet. I did have some issues with bar glitter not laying flat, but who doesn't have that problem with bar glitter!

I just love the possibilities you have with this polish. 
And I'll leave you with a bottle shot collage!

Thank you all for making it through one of my longer posts. I hope you liked it. Stay tuned to the rest of January for more indie posts.

*Polishes were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own*


  1. I am loving this collection!!! Personal Jesus is amazing, I love indie colors with tinted bases. Beautiful swatches, too. I was around to hear these songs "when they were new", I just didn't know how good they would look on my nails 25 years later... lol

    1. I agree! Who new all these years later I would be wearing nail polish named after "retro" songs. I feel old!

  2. Omg I want all of these!

    1. I want the rest of the collection now.


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