Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nail Polish Canada nail art contest week 2

The theme of this weeks challenge is "gifts"

Now, I realise I won't win, but I wanted to participate anyway. My art skills won't get any better if I don't try!
Colours used: CG Cranberry Splash, OPI Tomorrow Never dies, Kiss Art in silver, Sally Hansen polish pens in white and blue.

To check out the contest and vote for your favourites (me lol)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pretty & Polish Superstorm

Trying my first post with pics. lol.

Today I have Pretty & Polished Superstorm. The money from the sale of this shade went to the Red Cross for superstorm Sandy relief.

This is 2 coats. Applied very nicely, although I would go with 3 coats next time. I really hate VNL!

Low light to show off some of the colour shift in this polish. Isn't it pretty!

Pretty & Polish is available through her etsy store, but Chelsea is opening a new shop in the next few days. Details will be available shortly according to her facebook page.


Welcome everyone!

Please forgive me now. My blog skills are non-existent. It will take me time to get this up and running, but I will try my hardest.w

This is just a place to share my love of polish. I am in no way a professional nail tech, as you will see. This is strictly just for fun!