Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Slow Invasion and Oodiful

The indies are going strong!
I have my two picks from the Time Traveler collection by Nail Pattern Boldness.

Slow Invasion is a teal jelly with various sizes and colours of square glitter. Because this is a jelly you do need multiple coats for full coverage. I used four. Surprisingly, it remained easy to work with. No problems with glitters bunching up.

Oodiful is a grey jelly polish with pale pink and pink matte squares and white matte hexes. I used four coats for this polish as well. It built up nicely, but you'll see in the photos that it is a little uneven. A good top coat will fix this.

Nail Pattern Boldness can be purchased through the etsy store here. You can also buy them through Llarowe.

*all opinions are my own. polish purchased by me*

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