Sunday, 2 March 2014

Oh Canada nail art

Today is a better late then never post. These are the nails I was sporting for last weekends gold medal hockey game at the Olympics. Can you guess who I was cheering for? Go Canada !!!

White is Cult Nails Tempest. Black is Cult Nails Nevermore. Red is Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Pucker Up. I made the maple leaf decal and then applied it to the nail. Crooked ;) Oh well. This was my first attempt at a braided nail, or fishtail nail. Not sure which is the correct term? Think it turned out all right.

canada nail art

red white black

black, red, white nail art

fishtail nail art

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you back soon !!


  1. Great manicure to celebrate! I'm not a huge hockey fan but my mom and sister are so they were very excited when Canada won gold.

  2. I wasn't following, but I can still appreciate a well executed mani! You did a great job with the leaf, and that fishtail looks wonderful!

  3. i like it very much! The leaf is so cute- great job my dear!


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