Monday, 17 June 2013

A England Rose Bower

Rose Bower is from the new Burne-Jones Dream collection.  A England is no longer able to ship internationally, but they do have an extensive network of suppliers. Please check this LINK for where to buy!

ROSE BOWER is described as a deep red holographic. To be honest, I find this to be more of a berry red on me. Great holographic shimmer that gave my camera fits! You'll see what I mean in the photos. Sorry in advance. Like most A England polishes it is a thicker formula and is almost a one coater. I used two coats with topcoat. It does dry slightly matted.  My only complaint is that I started to notice tip wear in less then a day. Make sure to wrap your tips really well!

rose bower


a england

Overall, I am very pleased with this polish. Adore the colour and can see myself wearing this any time of year! Do you have this polish yet? Do you love it, too? Love to hear from readers.

*polish purchased by me and all opinions are my own*


  1. Its a pretty color! I really like it. Never tried anything from A England though.

    1. Lisa, I recommend you do. Fabulous polishes!


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