Monday, 10 June 2013

Illamasqua Nomad swatch and review

Today I will be showing off the one and only Illamasqua polish that I own, Nomad. I purchased this from Sephora. I believe in Canada and the U.S. that that is the only supplier. Let me know if I am wrong on that!

NOMAD is a hard to describe shade of green. Is that helpful? I didn't think so. Maybe a bright seafoamish? Bright sorta jade? Anyway it is bright. Call it want you want I guess. Photos are 3 coats with top coat. Formula wise this wasn't the best. I don't like having to fight with an application. I also hated the lid. I have a hard time holding square lids. It didn't self level, even with top coat, although that did help with most of the leveling issues.



So to summarize, I wasn't impressed. Especially as this retails for $22.00 cdn. Unfortunately since this is the only Illamasqua polish I own, I can't compare it. I really don't feel the need to buy anymore of them after using Nomad. Sad, because the shade is quite lovely! Do you have any experience with this brand? Would love to hear your thoughts!

*polish purchased by me and all opinions are my own*


  1. Sad to hear that it wasn't good. I like the color but I agree that $22 for a polish that didn't impress you must be a bummer.

    1. Agreed. Love the colour too! For that much money, I expect the polish to be flawless though.


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