Saturday, 6 April 2013

Essie Matte About You vs OPI Matte Top Coat

I picked up a bottle of the new OPI Matte top coat, so I thought I would do a quick comparison with Essie Matte About You. For the longest time Essie was the only matte I could find, and now there are a bunch on the market! This is good news. Every polish fiend needs a matte top coat!

You'll have to excuse my manicure. I've had it on for a few days and it's pretty beaten up, but it did the trick for this post. I am wearing Zoya Mira.

Essie Matte About You is shown on the index and ring finger.  OPI on middle and pinky.
Formula was the exact same to me. OPI smelled a tad bit stronger. Dry time was the same as well. To me they appear to do the same job. I have no reason to recommend one over the other. I like them both and would suggest getting whichever one is more easily found. I myself purchased both from Nail Polish Canada. To be honest, I am not sure the availability of these worldwide. You would have to do your own research on that yourself. You should own a matte top coat though!

Do you have a favourite matte top coat? I would love to hear what it is! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!


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