Friday, 24 January 2014

Formula X For Sephora - Racy

Racy is one of the new chrome effect polishes from Sephoras new polish line. I have to say that normally I really despise chrome finishes, but this was a pleasant surprise! Actually, I had two surprises. The first is that I had full coverage in one coat. The second is that it wasn't streaky. Imagine that. On the Sephora site this is described as a metallic lavender. Pretty accurate. The photo they use on the site I find a bit deceiving. It looks more purple in that photo then it does in person.


Formula X for Sephora


Photos are one coat of Racy with top coat. Natural light. I did not test this for wear time. I did test this as a stamping polish though. It works! In fact it worked really well, so even if you aren't a fan of chrome finishes you should consider it for that fact.

*polish recieved as a gift*

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