Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Emily de Molly Soon and stamping

Today I have Emily de Molly Soon and some stamping using plate EDM02.

Soon is a medium grey crelly with various size hexagon glitter in blue, green, fuchsia, and purple. I had full coverage in three coats. You could also layer over a similar colour base. Not too chunky, completely smooth with a coat of Seche Vite. 

Emily de Molly Soon

Emily de Molly Soon

Emily de Molly Soon

Emily de Molly Soon

Emily de Molly recently released five stamping plates. Below is the image I used. I stamped over Soon with Racy by Formula X For Sephora. It is a metallic lavender. I have a review of that polish HERE. Because I have small nails only some of the image is on my nail. Image is also rotated differently on each nail. For those with larger nails, these images should fit. Had no issues with my stamper picking up the image.


Emily de Molly Soon

EDM02 stamping plate

For more information on Emily de Molly please visit her site. You will find information on international stockists and her full line of polishes and plates. Plates can be sent worldwide but polish is only directly available for shipping if you are in Australia.

Thank you for stopping in! Have you noticed that my stamping is getting better. Yeah me!

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  1. Pretty shade and I love the silver stamping you did on top too :)


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