Monday, 13 May 2013

The White Post

I was recently watching a discussion about the best white polish. This inspired me to dig out all the whites I could find in my collection. Turns out I have TEN. Oops.

Wasn't sure the best way to go about this, so I've split it into two. Five polishes for each set. Just seemed to be the easiest way and eliminated a VERY pic heavy post.

Each nail has two coats of polish and no top coat. Since most of us use white as a base or for nail art I wanted to show it the way we want to use it. (No one wants to use four coats of white under something and then keep going with their manicure.)

First set:
Thumb - Julep Kate, Index - China Glaze White On White, Middle - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, Ring - Cult Nails Tempest, Pinky - OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Yes, opi my boyfriend scales walls is very slightly tinted grey. I thought I would include it because a lot of people use it. And it does look more white then grey. You'll see in the pics.

Second Set:
Thumb - OPI Alpine Snow Matte, Index - Essie Blanc, Middle - Sinful Colors Snow Me, Ring - Barielle Enduring, Pinky - Quo By Orly French White.

Enduring and French White seem to have a bit of a dirty white look to them.

I'm not going to critique all of them. We'd be here all day. I'll just go with my top three!

1. Cult Nails Tempest. It's almost a one coater. Would be if you have shorter nails. It's also a little thicker and great for nail art.
2. Sally Hansen White On. Again very close to a one coater. Cheap too!
3. OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It's just very versatile.

What are your thoughts on white?  Do you have a favourite that wasn't included?

Thanks for looking and I hope some of you find this helpful!


  1. Great post on white polish! I only have Sally Hansen White On but I'm looking to try out more white polishes so this post was really awesome to see :D

  2. My favorite is Julep Kate. It's pretty much a one-coater for me. I think I need My Boyfriend Scales Walls now that I read your post:) Thanks!

    1. It seems to be a go to for a lot of bloggers!

  3. I looove Confetti Wedding White, it's $2, I think. Walgreens score.

    1. Never heard of it! Don't think we have access to that brand in Canada.

  4. thanks for this comparison. i have been looking for some good white polishes.

    the painted ninja


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