Monday, 20 May 2013

sonia kashuk state of the art trio

The Sonia Kashuk state of the art trio is a set I picked up at Target. It's the first time I have tried this brand, and I believe it is a Target exclusive. It also came with two nail art brushes that I haven't tried yet. The colours are described as ocean inspired.

Here is the link to the product at Target

First up is Fairy Princess. If this is supposed to be ocean inspired, I'm not sure how they came up with the name? This is a mint green creme with blue shimmer throughout. The shimmer is much more noticeable in person. Very pretty. I used three thin coats. This had the best formula of the bunch. Smooth application and no leveling issues. Photos are with top coat.

Contessa is described as an aqua blue. I feel it's a bit darker then an aqua. I know the photos aren't the best, but this was giving me a hard time with colour accuracy. Three thin coats were used. I did get some bubbles with this formula. Also, it didn't self level, but top coat did help with that.

By The Sea, finally a name that fits the collection. Although on the site this is called cobalt blue, on me it was more of a blurple! This colour also gave me fits trying to photograph accurately. This was the hardest polish to work with. Formula was thicker, yet didn't self level. Tended to show all the flaws in my nails for some reason. It did cover in two coats. No bubbles in this one though! Photos are with top coat.

Please note that I only swatched these, so I didn't test whether there was any staining. If you happen to know, please fill us in!
Of the three, I only liked Fairy Princess. Bit of a bummer, but maybe the brushes will make up for it when I get around to trying them. I hope you enjoyed and always love your feedback!

*polish purchased by me and all opinions are my own*


  1. They look like nice colors though. Thanks for sharing and swatching for us :)

  2. Interesting. I hadn't seen this set. The Fairy Princess polish is very pretty.

  3. I just tried Contessa. Very difficult formula that streaked and was uneven. Three coats are preferable but the polish is very thick and takes almost an hour to complely dry without smudges.

    1. I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one with a problem with these!


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