Thursday, 2 October 2014

My First Nimbus Manicure

Welcome all!  Today I have my first attempt at a Nimbus manicure. This technique came from the Nailasaurus. You can view her tutorial HERE. This technique is fairly straight forward and doesn't take a long time to do.

I started with a white base. Colours used are MckFresh Nail Attire Do Ba Dee Goo Goo, OPI Amazon Amazoff, Rica Prim & Proper, and Barry M Sugar Apple.
My only complaint was the bubbles I ended up with. I'll need to work on that!

I really loved this, and I will defininetly be doing more of them. There are some parts of this manicure that didn't quite turn out that well, but live and learn. I'm sure my next try will be better.
Thanks for this visit. Hope you liked it!


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