Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Duri Brush 'n Go Top Coat Review

Today I have an inadvertent top coat review for you. This started out as just doing my nails, that were then ruined by a new top coat I tried. Blah. Angry nail lady alert!

I recently bought a bottle of Duri Brush 'n Go from my local Winners. I love Duri Rejuvacote, so I thought I would give the top coat a try.

The description on the box, verbatim.
Dry and shine wet look top coat is recognized for extremely short drying time, brilliant gloss and best nail polish sealer. Brush 'n go dries nail polish layers through including base coat, creating a uniform solid coat. This top coat never yellows due to unique formula combination. Brush 'n go could be applied on wet nail polish without dragging or streaking. Use Brush 'n go and "always sexy wet look nails" will last and last.

Duri Brush 'n Go Top Coat Review

Duri Brush 'n Go Top Coat Review

My mani started off good! These are four polishes from the China Glaze The Giver collection. The zig zag nails are a base of New Birth topped with Community. Ring finger is Capacity to See Beyond. Pinky is the same topped with The Outer Edge.
I did my tape removal and clean up before applying the top coat. It was at least ten minutes. (This was a full two hand manicure.) I do load my brush with top coat. As you can see, it was ruined. Sad panda. I really liked the look of these nails. So much for their claim of no dragging or streaking. It failed miserably in that department. It also left brush strokes. I'm not sure if I have ever had that happen with a top coat. Plus dry time was more in line with a regular top coat opposed to a quick dry.

So, overall opinion... This stuff sucks! Don't bother. Avoid. Save your money. I think you get my point. Has anyone else tried this top coat? What were your thoughts?

*purchased by me and all opinions are my own*


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