Wednesday, 4 June 2014

China Glaze Lotus Begin and Born Pretty water decals

China Glaze Lotus Begin from the City Flourish collection.

I'm really not to sure where to start with this one. The photos are deceiving in my opinion. The formula for this polish is truly terrible. It's chalky and streaky and uneven and terrible. Did I say terrible. I meant TERRIBLE. I used three coats and it was still uneven. I then added two coats of top coat trying to get it to level off, but that only helped a bit. I realize it isn't that noticeable in the pics, you'll have to take my word for it. I like the colour of this polish though. To me it is like a neon and a pastel had a baby this is what you would end up with. Does that even make sense?

china glaze lotus begin

china glaze lotus begin

china glaze lotus begin

So, I wasn't really diggin' it and decided to add some feather water decals that I got ages ago from the Born Pretty Store. I applied the middle finger first and it was sliding all over the place, so it was easy to get it where I wanted it. Applied the ring finger and it wouldn't budge? Have no idea why. The application process was exactly the same. Now I had an oddly place feather. Oh well : )

born pretty water decal feather

born pretty water decal feather

Thoughts on this polish? I know I have read some mixed reviews on this collection. So far, I'm not impressed. Maybe some of the other shades with turn out to be better. The decals I liked. I find decals to be a simple and fun alternative to do it yourself nail art. Anyone can manage water decals and there are a ton of design options available.

Thank you for the visit and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. LOVE those decals! I really like Lotus Begin and I'm bummed I waited too long to buy it.

    1. You can still find it online if you really need it!


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