Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tip Top Nails Cha Cha Cha and Rocky Road

Good day to everyone! Today I have a special post for you. I was gifted both of these polishes through a facebook group that I am in. I received two Tip Top polishes all the way from South Africa. My first chance at trying this brand. Another big thank you to Kerry from the blog Painted Fingertips. Make sure to visit her blog too!

Cha Cha Cha #980 is a bright tiffany blue creme. Think China Glaze For Audrey, but brighter. I used two coats plus top coat. I found that it dried fast on the brush so you need to work somewhat quickly. It had good coverage and self leveled well.
Rocky Road #926 is a silver holographic glitter top coat. The base has a nice formula. Glitter payout isn't huge, so I recommend using the dabbing technique if you want the most coverage possible. The photos show one coat of Rocky Road. A regular top coat smooths this out perfectly.

cha cha cha 980

cha cha cha 980

cha cha cha

I really enjoyed both of these polishes.
As far as I can find, this brand is only available in South Africa. If anyone has other information, please share it! You can find their website HERE, but be warned that there isn't a whole lot of information on it. You can also follow them on facebook HERE.
Thanks for the visit. Hope to see you all back soon.


  1. What lovely colors they both are. That blue is gorgeous and the glitter is a fun silver topper.

  2. Yay yay yay! Their website isn't great (and doesn't seem to have been updated in a while) but they are good at responding to queries on facebook/by email and I've heard you might be able to order directly from them if you're not in SA :)

    1. Thanks for the information! And thanks for the polish : )


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