Tuesday, 22 April 2014

OPI Sheer Tints collection - various manicures

Today's post is a bit different then my usual, so please bare with me. Since the OPI Sheer Tints are too sheer to be shown as a regular mani, I thought I would share a few different manicures I've done using them. This will be a bit pic heavy!

The OPI Sheer Tints collection consists of four jelly polishes. I Can Teal You Like Me - sheer teal blue. Don't Violet Me Down - sheer purple. I'm Never Amberrassed - sheer yellow orange. Be Magentale With Me - sheer dark pink.

I find these polishes quite versatile when it comes to nail art design. So many options. Unfortunately I find the formula itself to be lacking. It tends to dry on the too fast side and becomes stringy as a result. But if you apply it too thick, it doesn't seem to dry at all. I also notice a lot of bubbles in the finished product. If layering, give it a few minutes between coats to set or you will pull off your previous layer.

Up first is Be Magentale With Me over a simple stamping design. I forgot to write down what plate I used. Now I can't seem to find it! This is one coat.

This is what is referred to as the LeadLight technique. This technique is credited to Messy Mansion. I used all four of the colours to fill in the stamp. Plate is LilyAnna 06. You can see some of the little stringy bits hanging off the end of the nail. The base is Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige. You can see a full review of that polish HERE.

Last for today is what I am calling my Tie Dye nails. Drops of all four shades dropped onto the nail and then swirled around with a dotter. I had to do one nail at a time or it would dry too quickly to move around. One drop of each colour still made this very thick. You'll notice build up at the side of my nails. I tried to clean it up, but it was just making it worse. Tons of bubbles throughout.

So there you have it. Jellies really are fun to work with. Let your imagination run wild! I'll be trying out a few more manicures with these, even though they aren't my favourites. I purchased these from Nail Polish Canada.  For more information on LeadLight and LilyAnna plates visit Messy Mansion.

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you liked the post!

*all products were purchased by me*


  1. These are all such fun nail art using the sheer tints. My favorite is the second one using the Leadlight technique. Its just so pretty.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It's my favourite too. I can't wait to try more like that.

  2. Have to say that the second one is my favorite too :) Looks really awesome.
    Then the first one. And the last one is last... it looks a bit like dirty/stained nails :p Maybe on white base it would looks better?

    1. Yes, it probably would look MUCH better over white. I was just playing around.


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