Saturday, 26 April 2014

Divergent Cosmetics nail polish set - Sephora exclusive

Sephora recently released the Divergent Cosmetics make-up and polish line. I admit, I bought them all! My bad. The polish set consists of 6 polishes, 1 transforming top coat, and a set of nail water decals. As mentioned this is exclusive to Sephora and can be found HERE. The set retails for $33.00 cdn. Note that the bottle size is 8.43 ml. So slightly larger then a normal sized mini bottle. The water decals are meant to be cut to the size you want and then applied to the nail like a temporary tattoo. I did not try these. I have to mention that I love the box this comes in.
I did review all 7 polishes so the post is a bit long.

True Pearl is a sheer greenish shimmer. Photos are two coats with top coat. I didn't bother adding any further coats because it won't become opaque. It did apply nicely. I guess this is fine, if you like a sheer look. Personally, I would have labelled it as an effect top coat. The shimmer is very noticeable.

true pearl

divergent nail polish

Neutral Lace is a nude beige creme polish. The formula was on the thin side and I needed four coats for full coverage. This also didn't self level and it was finicky to work with. Nothing special enough about it to justify the effort needed to apply.

neutral lace

divergent nail polish

Opal Compassion is another sheer shimmer. Purple/green shift to this, almost like a duochrome. Again, I stopped at two coats because there was no point in continuing with more. Formula wise there were no issues. Like True Pearl, I would treat this as an effect top coat.

opal compassion

divergent nail polish

Violet Abnegation is a smokey purple/grey creme. It got greyer with each additional coat, which is unfortunate. I wish more of the purple remained. Three medium coats needed for full coverage. Leveled better then the beige, but still not completely. Top coat did help. Okay formula other then the leveling.

violet abnegation

divergent nail polish

Evolve is the transforming top coat in the set. So really the third top coat we're looking at. I used one coat over Violet Abnegation. No issues with formula. Translucent green and pink. Nothing special really.


divergent nail polish

Midnight Calm is a deep navy crelly. Unfortunately it ends up looking more black then blue. Three coats were used and again it had a finicky formula. Uneven and didn't self level. As I only swatched this I can't say if there were any issues with staining.

midnight calm

divergent nail polish

Well, overall thoughts, not good. Sad to say, but I found this entire set to be a big disappointment. Too sheer, too difficult, too blah. I didn't even like the names. Bottles have no design on them and are very small. Which at this point I guess doesn't matter because I don't see myself ever using any of them again. Personally, I would skip these if you have been thinking of getting them. Even if it goes into their sale section I would pass! Although if you have been eyeing any of the make-up sets in the collection they are fantastic. Buy that instead!
Thanks for sticking through the entire post. Hope to see you back soon!

*purchased by me and all opinions are my own*


  1. Sad to see and hear that this set was a failure.

  2. Glad I read it all, great honest review!


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