Tuesday, 9 December 2014

CrowsToes Huggin n Muninn

Long time no see, everyone. Sorry for my lack of posts recently. Tis the season to be crazy busy! Hope everything is well in your world.

Today I have a few pics of CrowsToes Huggin n Muninn for you. This shade is from the 9 Realms collection and can be purchased online through Harlow & Co and Llarowe.
This polish is a stunning Multichrome with some shimmer to boot! My pictures just don't do it justice. Definite shifts of purple, blue, and green. I had a hard time capturing the blue. It is more elusive then the other two.

CrowsToes Huggin n Muninn

CrowsToes Huggin n Muninn

CrowsToes Huggin n Muninn

 This was two coats of Huggin n Muninn with no top coat. Very shiny on its own. Applied nicely and has a bit of a jelly quality to it. If interested, as I typed this, it was available at Harlow & Co. Appears to be sold at Llarowe. Don't forget to follow CrowsToes for updates on new polishes!

Thanks for the visit and for sticking with me!

*polish purchased by me and all opinions are my own*

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  1. Such an interesting color this is. Love that you can see a different color to it depending on how the light hits it.


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